Accolade PV  

Accolade PV is a complete veneer application system designed by a major lecturer & clinician. Six shades included in the kit satisfy 95% of situations. Accolade is highly thixotropic so it adapts readily but does not slump. Excellent polish and wear resistance. Natural fluorescence and 0.7u filler.


Unique Try-In Paste built on the same chemistry as Accolade PV Composite but with reduced sensitivity to ambient light eliminating the need for full removal before cementation. Accolade PV Try-In Pastes provide a highly accurate shade and gives the dentist and patient extended time to judge color match. The Accolade PV Try-in Paste gets brushed off and the Accolade PV Composite can be directly applied saving clean-up time. Conventional water or glycerin based pastes are not true to color and are a source of contamination and failure.


Accolade PV is available in three of the most commonly needed veneer shades (Translucent, Light & Extra Light) plus a unique white opaquer and two shade modifiers (Yellow & Brown). Accolade PV greatly simplifies veneer bonding. It is also useful for all of the usual applications of a ‘flowable’ composite when lighter shades are required.



Here is what a top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hughes, said about the Accolade PV:

I have now seated many PV's with Accolade PV. It has the perfect viscosity to feel the veneers go to place, yet it does not slump, tacks in and cures easily. Clean up is easy and fast. Accolade PV is perhaps the easiest material I have ever used for seating PV's. Accolade has wonderful Light and Extra Light shades and a very nice White Opaque. Most of my veneers are seated with Translucent or Light/Extra Light materials. I have never used a shade darker than A-1 or A-2 for delivering veneers, so I really can't comment on the darker shades from any manufacturers.


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