Bulk EZ PLUS  

The game-changing dual-cure bulk fill composite just got even better, letting you do even more in less time!

Utilizing the same Intellitek Technology for unlimited cure depth and microleakage prevention as the original, Bulk EZ PLUS now incorporates state of the art 80 nm spherical zirconia fillers, enhancing the esthetics with better shade-matching and polishability, and ensuring greater wear resistance. Handling has also been fine tuned to allow for a wider variety of cases, allowing you to do more in less time. Bulk EZ PLUS offers results unlike any other composite from top to bottom!

  • Bulk EZ PLUS™ is an easy-to-place, dual-cure composite that combines unlimited cure depth with flowable cavity adaptation, high strength, and enhanced durability—all in one, simple step.
  • Self-cure IntelliTek Technology controls and directs shrinkage, eliminating leakage in all posterior restorations.
  • New 80nm spherical zirconia filler particles give market leading esthetics, polishability, and wear resistance.
  • Handling and thixotropic properties have been precisely tuned to allow Bulk EZ PLUS to be used in a wider variety of clinical situations.